GIGALIGHT Presents Multiple Original Interconnection Technologies, Including Silicon Photonics and Immersion Cooling, at ODCC 2023

3 min readSep 12, 2023

The Open Data Center Committee Summit (ODCC) 2023 is scheduled to be held from September 13th to 14th at the Beijing International Convention Center. GIGALIGHT, an open optical network devices explorer, will be showcasing a range of original interconnection technology solutions, including silicon photonics and immersion cooling.

As ODCC continues to expand, GIGALIGHT has successfully transitioned concepts into tangible products with a variety of original interconnection technologies, including:

400G/800G Series

400G/800G Silicon Photonics Optical Modules

GIGALIGHT’s 400G/800G series leverages its research and development capabilities, unwavering dedication, and support from the silicon photonics industry chain. These modules align seamlessly with silicon photonics technology and 100G PAM4 technology, offering data center networks a reliable performance and a foundation for long-term scalability.

  • 400G QSFP-DD DR4/DR4+ 500m/2km
  • 400G QSFP-DD FR4 2km
  • 400G QSFP112 DR4/DR4+ 500m/2km
  • 800G QSFP-DD DR8/DR8+ 500m/2km

400G/800G VCSEL Series

This series features high-performance 112Gbps VCSEL lasers and 7nm DSP. The electrical host interface supports 112Gbps PAM4 signals per channel, complying with CMIS 4.0 protocol standards.

  • 400G QSFP112 SR4/AOC
  • 400G OSFP112 SR4/AOC
  • 800G QSFP-DD SR8/AOC
  • 800G OSFP SR8/AOC

100G/200G Immersion Cooling Series

To address the burgeoning market demand for liquid-cooled data centers, GIGALIGHT has introduced highly reliable and cost-effective immersion-cooled optical modules. These modules employ a direct immersion cooling method with optimized optical device sealing to prevent cooling liquid from entering the optical path, effectively mitigating any adverse effects on the optical path

  • 100G QSFP28 PSM4 2km
  • 100G QSFP28 SR4/AOC 100m/300m
  • 200G QSFP56 SR4/AOC 100m

100G Triple-Proof Series

Furthermore, GIGALIGHT has developed industry-leading “anti-condensation, anti-moisture, and anti-corrosion” triple-proof optical modules tailored for specific demanding application scenarios. These modules employ advanced processes, including “Paralyne Vacuum Coating” and “3M Coating,” to provide dual protection, ensuring they can thrive even in the harshest environmental conditions.

  • 100G QSFP28 SR4 70m/100m
  • 100G QSFP28 PSM4 2km
  • 100G QSFP28 CWDM4 2km

ODCC serves as the broadest stage in the data center field, and GIGALIGHT extends a warm invitation to industry colleagues to visit our booth and experience our advanced technologies and solutions firsthand.

About Gigalight

As an open optical networking explorer, Gigalight integrates the design, manufacturing, and sales of both active and passive optical devices and subsystems. The company’s product portfolio includes optical modules, silicon photonics modules, liquid-cooled modules, passive optical components, active optical cables, direct attach copper cables, coherent optical communication modules, and OPEN DCI BOX subsystems. Gigalight focuses on serving applications such as data centers, 5G transport networks, metropolitan WDM transmission, ultra-HD broadcast and video, and more. It stands as an innovative designer of high-speed optical interconnect hardware solutions




GIGALIGHT is an open optical network device explorer focusing on data center & cloud computing, wireless & 5G, and metro & broadcast networks.